<p>LimaStuff.com is exclusively reserved as a venue for the display of personal items, ideas, associations, businesses and events. It also functions as a sales, purchase and advertising portal for goods and services.</p>
<p>Our guidelines for listing items are outlined in the User Agreement. To help users properly list items, we've highlighted some listing policies and describe how we handle listing violations when they are reported to us. Please keep in mind the following policies apply to all sections of the LimaStuff.com website. LimaStuff.com reserves the right to suspend users for any period of time up to and including permanently, at the discretion of LimaStuff.com, depending upon the infraction. Users are required to use their own name and information, use of fictitious information is grounds for permanent suspension. The LimaStuff.com Listing Policy is subject to updates and changes and should be reviewed periodically.</p>
<p>Proper category listing<br />******************************************* <br />Items posted in the Classified Ad or Auctions section must be listed in the appropriate category.</p>
<p>Policy: Items that don't belong in a category will be moved to the appropriate category.</p>
<p>Choice Auctions<br />*******************************************<br />A Choice Listing occurs when a seller allows buyers to choose from a selection of items. Choice Listings can be problematic because the item agreed upon is negotiated offline and can lead to either misrepresentation or fraud.</p>
<p>Policy: Choice Auctions are not allowed and will be ended.</p>
<p>Multi-Listing<br />*******************************************<br />The best method to list identical items is through our Dutch Auction format. We understand sellers have reasons to list identical items at the same time. This is permissible as long as the seller can complete the sale of all listings. At any one time you may not promote identical items in more than five (5) listings. This will prevent listing "Flooding".</p>
<p>Policy: If a seller lists in more than one category, the categories must be relevant. Any additional identical listings may be ended.</p>
<p>Links and Credits from your listing <br />******************************************* <br />LimaStuff.com allows sellers to place the following types of links in your item's description: <br />  1- One link to a page that further describes the item being sold in that listing.<br />  2- A link to your email address that opens an email client for potential buyers to ask questions about the item in that listing.<br />  3- Links to photos of the item for sale.<br />  4- Links to your LimaStuff.com listings.<br />  5- Links to your LimaStuff.com members page.<br />  6- Links that provide credits to third parties.<br />  7- One link to your listing terms and conditions (providing that the most relevant information is within the listing itself ).</p>
<p>Sign Posts<br />******************************************* <br />LimaStuff.com does permit listings that are primarily used to direct a user to a seller's local store or business, this is the Business Links section.</p>
<p>Lotteries and prize competitions<br />******************************************* <br />Listings that promote prize draws, prize competitions, lotteries, giveaways or raffles as an enticement for bidders are not permitted on LimaStuff.com as these promotions may be illegal lotteries under US law.</p>
<p>Policy: These types of listings are not permitted and will be ended</p>
<p>Listing Techniques that circumvent LimaStuff.com's membership structure<br />******************************************* <br />Users may not use systems or techniques to circumvent LimaStuff.com fees. Some <br />examples include:<br />  1- Offering in a listing the opportunity to purchase the item or other merchandise <br />outside of LimaStuff.com.<br />  2- Listings with low prices but unreasonably high shipping or handling costs.<br />  3- Listing an item that requires or offers an additional purchase.<br />  4- Dutch Avoidance - listing a single item and offering additional identical items <br />for sale in the item description. In these situations, the seller typically instructs buyers to indicate the number of items they want and states that they can get the same price as the item in the listing. <br />  5- Listings with an email address or domain name in the title. Exception: This will be permissible only in listings that are offering a domain name for sale. <br />  6- Offering items for sale in a manner that circumvents LimaStuff.com fees.<br />Listings that circumvent LimaStuff.com fees are not permitted and will be ended. Disciplinary action may result in the indefinite suspension of a user's account, temporary suspension or a formal warning. LimaStuff.com will consider the circumstances of an alleged offense and the user's trading records before taking action.</p>
<p>Listing Catalog Sales<br />******************************************* <br />Catalog Sales - listings of catalogs or links from which buyers may directly order items are prohibited. In these situations, the seller will typically offer the catalog for low bid prices and complete sales outside of the LimaStuff.com for items found in the catalog. Old, collectible catalogs (i.e., those that you cannot order from any longer) are permissible.</p>
<p>Policy: Catalog Post listings are not permitted and will be ended.</p>
<p>Reserve Price listing violations<br />******************************************* <br />Reserve price stated in the description of the item when not listed as a reserve listing. <br />Seller states buyer is obligated to purchase when reserve is not met. <br />Policy: These types of listings are not permitted and will be ended.</p>
<p>Terms and Conditions contradictory to any LimaStuff.com<br />******************************************* <br />Misleading listing titles<br />Key word spamming<br />Excessive use of key words, including (but not limited to) brand names, which are referenced for the purpose of attracting or diverting buyers to a listing will be considered key word spamming and is not permitted.</p>
<p>Policy: These types of listings are not permitted and will be ended. The insertion fee will be automatically credited for that listing.</p>
<p>Payment Surcharges<br />******************************************* <br />Sellers may not charge LimaStuff.com buyers an additional fee for their use of ordinary forms of payment, including acceptance of checks, money orders, electronic transfers or credit cards. Such costs should be built into the price of the item -- this policy reduces the potential for confusion among bidders about the true cost of an item. Further, some forms of payment surcharges, such as credit card surcharges, are forbidden under the laws of many states.</p>
<p>Can a seller add a surcharge to the final price of a LimaStuff.com item? Yes, in three instances.<br />  1- Sellers may charge reasonable shipping and handling fee to the final price of their item, providing that this fee is disclosed up front in the listing. A shipping and handling fee can cover the seller's reasonable costs for mailing, packaging and handling the item. Shipping and handling fees cannot be listed as a percentage of the final sale price.<br />  2- Sellers may pass along the costs associated with using a third party escrow service, if the buyer chooses to use an escrow service.<br />  3- Sellers may choose to accept payment in a different currency than the currency listed on LimaStuff.com. If the buyer chooses to take advantage of this optional payment method, the seller may pass along to the buyer any costs associated with the currency exchange, provided that the costs are disclosed and agreed to in advance by the buyer.</p>
<p>Profanity<br />*******************************************<br />LimaStuff.com does not allow the use of profanity or patently vulgar language. <br />This includes the use of language that is racist, hateful, sexual, or obscene in nature in a public area. This policy extends to text within auction listings or anywhere else within LimaStuff.com.</p>
<p>We make allowances for certain items listed on the core site that may contain profane words that are a part of the title. An example of such an item might be a comic book with profanity in the comic book title. If the profane words are part of a title for the item being sold, we allow sellers to 'blurb' out the bulk of the offending word with asterisks (i.e., s*** or f***).</p>
<p>Policy: The use of profanity on our site is not permitted. Listings that contain profanity will be ended.</p>
<p>Narcotics, Steroids and Other Controlled Substances<br />******************************************* <br />Narcotics, steroids or other controlled substances may not be listed on LimaStuff.com. <br />Further, gamma hydroxybutyrate (GHB), which is unlawful in many jurisdictions, may not be listed on LimaStuff.com.</p>
<p>Drug Paraphernalia<br />******************************************* <br />Drug paraphernalia may not be listed on LimaStuff.com. Such paraphernalia includes all items that are primarily intended or designed for use in manufacturing, concealing or using a controlled substance.<br />A partial list of these banned items includes:<br />  1- Pipes made from metal, wood (except briar), acrylic, glass, stone, plastic or ceramic.<br />  2- Water pipes, chamber pipes, carburetor pipes, electric pipes, ice pipes, bongs, chillums.<br />  3- Wired cigarette papers.</p>
<p>Items that are not banned include products traditionally intended for use with tobacco products, including pipes made from briar, clay, corncob, meerschaum or similar materials.</p>
<p>Items not permitted to be listed on LimaStuff.com<br />*******************************************<br />Item not permitted to be listed on the LimaStuff.com website include explosives, fireworks, regulated or hazardous chemicals except for personal household use in appropriate amounts, in appropriate containers with appropriate labeling for private consumer use. Animals, animal products, agriculture or agricultural products that are in violation of local, state or federal law are also prohibited. Any item that violates any section of the LimaStuff.com Listing Policy is prohibited.</p>
<p>Firearms, Ammunition, Replicas, and Militaria<br />*******************************************<br />Firearms and related items can be listed on LimaStuff.com but must adhere to all local, state, and federal laws which includes the use of Federal Firearms License holders where necessary to ship and receive the firearm, along with processing the necessary paperwork. It is the responsibility of the poster, seller and purchaser to comply with all local, state and federal firearm regulations. Firearms are only allowed to be shipped to a licensed Federal Firearms Licensed dealer. LimaStuff.com is a forum and as such is not responsible for the content of any ads placed by customers.  Firearms include all guns, pistols, component parts of a firearm, sporting, collectible, curio & relic, signaling pistols, and antique firearms, regardless of their capability to fire a shot. Any item that is designed to discharge any shot, bullet or other missile is covered by this policy, regardless of that item's present ability to fire.</p>
<p>Related items:<br />Other firearms and related items that this listing policy applies to include: BB guns, air guns, air pistols, paintball guns, silencers, converters (any item which can convert a firearm to have automatic capability), kits (any kit that can be used to create a firearm), high voltage electric stunning devices (for example "tazers"), flares, flare launchers, flare guns, and the receivers for flare guns. Illegal components, such as silencers, converters (to convert a firearm to have automatic capability), and short barrels are prohibited. Weapons which discharge noxious substances, liquids or gas, including tear gas or pepper spray dispensers, are also included in this policy and must comply with all local, state and federal laws.</p>
<p>Ammunition:<br />High capacity magazines (magazines that can hold more than 10 rounds) and ammunition with propellant (such as gunpowder) must adhere to the LimaStuff.com listing policy. In addition any bullet reloading device or any equipment used to manufacture ammunition must follow the same policy.</p>
<p>Ordnance:<br />Generally, ordnance (military weaponry, ammunition and related parts) is permitted and must adhere to all local, state, and federal laws.</p>
<p>Grenades:<br />Grenades, including metal military practice grenades, rifle grenades, dummy grenades, grenade launcher attachments, and mines, may be listed on LimaStuff.com and must comply with all local, state and federal laws. However, such items must be a relic, curio, memorabilia, or display item, that is filled with a permanent inert substance or that is otherwise permanently altered in a manner that prevents ready modification for use as a grenade.</p>
<p>Policy: If your listing violates any part of this policy your account may be immediately suspended.</p>
<p>Alcohol and Tobacco<br />******************************************* <br />The sale of alcoholic beverages and tobacco is highly regulated and taxed in the US. For example, sellers of alcoholic beverages and tobacco must be licensed and must take steps to ensure that they do not sell their products to minors.<br />Policy: Due to the many difficulties inherent in Internet alcohol and tobacco sales, LimaStuff.com will not permit the listings of tobacco related items, wine, beer and other alcoholic beverages on its website.</p>
<p>Forum Section<br />*******************************************<br />The information in the Forum section of the LimaStuff.com website is the property of the poster.  LimaStuff.com is a forum and as such is not responsible for the content of the information placed in any of the LimaStuff.com Forums. All postings placed in the Forums section must adhere to the rules and regulation of the LimaStuff.com website.</p>
<p>If you would like to contact us about any aspect of this policy please do so via the following:<br />LimaStuff.com<br />P.O. Box 863<br />Lima, Ohio 45802-0863<br />Email: <a href="mailto:admin@limastuff.com">admin@limastuff.com</a><br />Phone: 419-230-4573</p>
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