<h5>Banner ad 2013 2.png (<em>Click on the graphic to the left for a larger view) </em></h5> <h5>For a limited time we are offering a limited number of banner ads at no charge. Follow the instructions listed below and we will run your banner ad for three months...for FREE! We will email a weekly stat count showing the activity for your banner ad. It will show the number of times the banner was shown and the number of times it was clicked. Please only one banner per company location. <strong>Please click the graphic for more information.</strong> To start your free banner ad on the LimaStuff.com website email the following information to <a href="mailto:bannerads@limastuff.com">bannerads@limastuff.com</a>:</h5> <h5>1-Your contact information</h5> <h5>2-The exact name that you would like your business to be listed as</h5> <h5>3-The business category and subcategory in which you would like your banner ad to be posted into</h5> <h5>4-A correctly sized banner ad graphic (jpg-png-gif) for the banners location</h5> <h5>5-One free ad per business location</h5>
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