<p>A bid is a promise to purchase an item at the price you offer. An auction bid is a promise to allow the automatic bidding system used on the limastuff.com site to automatically bid on your behalf up to the maximum amount of your bid in response to other bids (bids are in $1 increments). If you have any questions about an item, please email or call the seller before placing your bid. You can email a seller by clicking on his/her username on the item's page.</p>
<p>Our auction software uses a proxy bidding system for all normal (not Dutch) auctions. This means that if you enter the maximum amount you're willing to spend, our system will start your bidding at the lowest amount required and increase your bids automatically when someone bids aginst you on the item, until your limit is reached. It the biddding does not meet the sellers reserve price the bidders are not obligated to purchase the item.</p>
<p>When the auction has closed, the seller and high bidder will receive a notification message by email.</p>
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